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Product Image
LG 37LC2D 37 in. HDTV LCD Television
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Description: Bring The LG Electronics 37LC2D 37" HDTV home today and enjoy great viewing and listening experience. It provides a 16:9 display, ideal for watching HDTV programs using its integrated ATSC and QAM tuners. This great-looking HDTV delivers high-quality progressive picture and SRS TruSurround stereo sound for your complete satisfaction. Equipped with HDMI, the 37LC2D frees you from ugly, tangled and messy nests of audio and video cables snaking behind your entertainment center. The 37LC2D also features S-video and HD-component video input for high-quality video images transfer from accessories such as DVD players. You can also connect your PC for a super sharp and large PC monitor using the RGB cable and PC audio port. This HDTV is equipped with optical digital output for enjoying high-quality audio through your receiver/amplifier. For convenience, you can mount this TV on the wall.


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