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Product Image
Hitachi 55HDT79 55 in. HDTV Plasma Television
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Description: The UltraVision® Cineform™ 55" Plasma HDTV combines advanced original plasma technologies with uniquely streamlined design elements to produce a highly realistic, cinema quality viewing experience. Hitachi’s unsurpassed 16-bit/281 trillion color capability ensures the most realistic color reproduction possible. In addition to highly realistic picture quality, the 55" CineForm ™ HDTV delivers convenience with maximum digital and analog interface capability, USB photo input. The HDT79 offers the option of wall-mounting or using the optional power swivel table top stand or the basic fixed stand. Hitachi’s signature Cineform ™ Series also features the TV Guide On Screen® interactive programming guide, distinctive black side speakers, and a slim ergonomically designed and Fully Illuminated Roll & Click™ Remote.


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