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Product Image
AOC A42HD84 42 in. HDTV Plasma TV
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MSRP  1900.00
Description: The AOC A42HD84 plasma is equipped with a 42-inch widescreen ideal for both home and professional settings. Designed with a sleek, high-tech look and slim profile, the model fits into any room environment and provides vivid detail for presentations, video conferencing, signage, and home theater entertainment. It can be easily wall-mounted or sit atop an included pair of legs. Boasting a 1024x768 resolution and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, the unit presents a sharp, crisp picture for virtually any video and computer application. An expansive 160-degree (H) x 160-degree (V) viewing angle offers increased visibility from side viewpoints. Built-in 10 watts total speakers provide an excellent audio complement to the crystal-clear images.


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