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Product Image
POGO Radio YourWay (32 MB) MP3 Player
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Description: Radio YourWay is the first portable, solid-state AM/FM radio recorder! Imagine being able to record any radio broadcast like news, sports, or music and then be able to play those recordings back at a more convenient time. That s Radio YourWay! Recoding is as simple as pressing a button and you can program Radio YourWay to record a particular broadcast totally unattended. You can even set it up to record daily or weekly programs. Radio YourWay has a high quality speaker so you can listen to live or recorded broadcasts. It also comes with a pair of earbud headphones for private listening. Additional features include a built in microphone for dictating voice messages. Using the provided USB cable, you can transfer files between Radio YourWay and your computer. Now you can store voice recordings or radio broadcasts on your computer s hard drive and send those recordings by email to friends. You can even download MP3 files to Radio YourWay and enjoy near-CD quality music.


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