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Product Image
Pyle PLDVDBG5 5 in. Portable DVD Player
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  143.00
Description: 5' Color LCD Monitor Brightness Control Delivers Sharp Images In DiverseLighting Conditions DVD Anti-Skip Technology (Dast)For Smooth,Interruption-free Playback On The Road Slot-in DVD Player Built-In Full-Range Stereo Speaker System Carrying Case Converts To A Convenient Seat-backMounting System For In-Vehicle Use 2 Stereo Headphone Outputs Includes AC and DC (Lighter-Socket)Power CablesFor Use At Home Or On The Road 1 A/V Input Allows Monitor To Display OptionalExternal Sources 1 S-video Jack For Connection To An External Monitor Compatible with Dolby Digital Bit-Stream Encoding;Outputs 2-Channel Stereo Downmix To Audio andHeadphone Outputs Includes Remote Plays DVD-Video,CD-DA,VCD,SVCD,MP3-CDand Jpeg Kodak Discs


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