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Mitsubishi DD 2000
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Description: The DD-2000 is an ideal solution for consumers looking to add exceptional video and audio quality to their home theaters. The DD-2000 is designed for playback of movies, operas, plays, concerts and other full-motion video programs as well as conventional and 96kHz audio CDs. DD-2000 offers high-performance video processing for a crisp, clear picture and higher performance audio processing for superb sound quality and compatibility to future digital audio recordings. Upgraded features in the DD-2000 include a 20-bit/96kHz sampling rate audio processor, 108 dB audio signal/noise ratio, 96 dB audio dynamic range and 0.004% audio distortion (THD). The DD-2000's remote control codes are stored in new Mitsubishi TV remotes, enabling single remote operation of an entire A/V system. The rear panel digital audio bitstream output jack provides a Dolby Digital Surround or PCM Linear signal for decoding in an external processor or A/V receiver.


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