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Product Image
Denon DVD-2500 DVD Player
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Description: The DVD-2500 is a DVD video player in the affordable class yet lets you enjoy highly satisfying picture and sound quality. The video D/A converter, responsible for the DVD-2500's high picture quality, employs the same 10-bit D/A converter found in high-end models. This model is also equipped with a RGB video output capable of sending high-quality picture signals without modification to a projector or TV monitor. The audio circuit features a 24-bit, 96 kHz, D/A converter to support the highest specifications of the DVD-Video standard. High-quality sound, on a par with Pure Hi-Fi is also supported by the careful selection of capacitors and other parts specially designed for superior sound performance. When combined with a DENON A/V surround receiver or amplifier, the DVD-2500 lets you enjoy your home theater entertainment to the full.


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