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Product Image
Audiovox D2011 Portable DVD Player with Screen
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Description: Audiovox D2011 10.2" 16:9 Hi-Fi Ultra Slim Line Portable DVD Player - Includes: High Capacity Rechargeable Battery, Cigarette Lighter DC Adapter & ESP Function for In Car Use, A/V connect cables, AC Adapter, Remote Control, User Guide, 1 year Audiovox Limited Warranty with 90 Days Labor Its large screen is perfect for sharing when riding in the passenger seat of a car. With jacks for using 2 headphones, you won't disturb the driver. Built-in Stereo speakers make DVD viewing possible anywhere. But that's not all! It can play CD, CDR, CDRW, and MP3 CD for audio listening. Sleek, slim, compact, easy to carry anywhere. Has composite and S-Video outs for playing through your home TV or Home-theater system.


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