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Product Image
Audiovox XR9 XM Radio Receiver
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Description: The sleek, compact XR9 unit is the smallest satellite radio offered by Audiovox, and it has a fit and finish sure to appeal to a wide audience. Features include a large blue Backlit LCD display, peripherally located controls and a very low profile. The XR9 has a built-in wireless FM modulator that allows you to listen to XM on any FM radio. The unit can display up to 20 customizable stock quotes. The Receiver comes packed with a remote control as a standard accessory. The XR9 moves easily from the vehicle to the home or office. You can plug the unit in your vehicle with an Optional Audiovox (XC9) car Stereo kit and you can listen on your stereo with an optional Audiovox (XH9) home kit. Audiovox also offers an optional portable boombox (XB9).


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