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Accuphase CD/SACD players

Please if anybody from here have experience/posibility to here diferent models of Accuphase cd/sacd players,tell me this: I have actually the CD player DC-65V from Accuphase,and I will upgrade with a upper model lyke DP-67,or better Dp-77 .I am very interest if annybody can tell me the diference fr ... Read More »

SACD Players

[COLOR=Blue]Does anyone know were I can buy the cheapest SACD player only? Does all SACD players have fiber optic connections so I can use digital connection to my Edirol MA-10D monitors?[/COLOR]Read More »

SACD Players

I've been toying with the idea of getting an SACD player. What should I be looking for? I went into Best Buy last night and the only SACD player that they had was a Sony DVD player that was SACD compatible. Is this generally how SACD players are sold...doubling as DVD players? Or can I buy a ... Read More »

SACD compatible players

Hi, I have compiled a list of brands of SACD compatible players: Accustic Arts - [url]http://www.accusticarts.de[/url] Accuphase - [url]http://www.accuphase.com[/url] Arcam - [url]http://www.arcam.co.uk[/url] Audio Aéro - [url]http://www.audioaero.com[/url] Audionet - [url]http://www.audi ... Read More »

What % of High End Universal Players Are You Paying Just for SACD/DVD-A?

Would appreciate someone giving me their best guestimate about this, using say the Denon 2900, a highly rated Universal player that retailed for around $1,000. Without getting into a debate about the merits of DVD-A/SACD, I myself don't have any use for these features at all. So my sole purpose in b ... Read More »

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