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Product Image
Sherwood CDC 5080R 5 Disc CD Changer
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  249.00
Description: - Dual 1-Bit (Twin) DAC's.<br>- 8x Oversampling.<br>- 3-Beam Laser Pick-up.<br>- DTS Ready.<br>- Music Calendar.<br>- Play Exchange.<br>- Direct Access (Via Remote).<br>- Disc Loading Status.<br>- CD Synchro Record.<br>- Tape Edit/Length Adjustment.<br>- Elapsed/Remaining Time Button.<br>- Headphone Volume Control.<br>- Multi-function Fluorescent Display.<br>- Display Off/Dimmer.<br>- Digi-Link III.<br>- Gold Plated RCA Jacks.


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