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Product Image
Kenwood CD 423M
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  180.00
Description: <b>200 Disc CD Changer</b> - Status Display: 15 Character Dot Matrix.<br>- System Control Connections for Kenwood Components: SL16 Format.<br>- Audible Fast-Forward/Fast-Reverse.<br>- Best Selection File: 32-Track.<br>- CD Text.<br>- Direct Disc Access: Alphabetically by Remote and Front Panel, and by Title (with Compatible Receiver).<br>- Direct Track Access (with Remote).<br>- Disc Naming: 210 Discs, 25 Characters Each.<br>- Disc Sensing.<br>- Music Type File: 27 Pre-Programmed Types.<br>- Play Exchange: 199 Discs.


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