Olive 02 Media Servers

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Meet the Olive O2M Multi-Room Player. Now you can easily access music stored on an Olive HD Music Server, computer or network attached server (NAS)-play it anywhere at home, in up to 15 rooms simultaneously!

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1st sound Sennheiser HD 650: 2010-02-26

I just got my [URL="http://www.sennheiserusa.com/private_headphones_audiophile-headphones_009969"][COLOR=#22229c]Sennheiser HD 650[/COLOR][/URL]. They sound great! [IMG]http://www.head-fi.org/forums/images/smilies/gs1000.gif[/IMG] This is my first decent set of headphones since I got my Realistic ... Read More »

Jar- Porky Tree comp from Fall '02

Mason, Do you have a lineup of the Porcupine Tree comp that you put together in Fall of '02? If you or someone could post it, I would greatly apreciate it. Still a killer comp! HyfiRead More »

Rotel RCD-02 Vs. Rotel RCD-06

Hello mates, I am looking to upgrade my system because the old Rotel RCD 930 AX is skipping tracks and is too expensive to repair. So I've been looking to some options, but here in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, is so hard to find other than Rotel, Onkyo, Pioneer or Denon, and it is harder to listen to ... Read More »

Cambridge 640c vs rotel rcd-02

SO I have a friend debating between the two CD Players. He's using a NAD integrated (I can't remember which one offhand) but wasn't overly impressed with the NAD CDP's he auditioned. The speakers are PSB's newer series (might be image... ) so he wanted a cd player thats in about the same price ran ... Read More »

Rotel RCD-02 or RCD-971/75?

Thinking about buying one of the above. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks in advance. TomCRead More »


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