Wadia Digital 17 CD Players

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Analog-Digital Converter

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ATTENTION - Forum Upgrade 5/17

Hi All - Looks like we'll be upgrading the forums this coming Tuesday. We already did a couple of our other forums and things went smoothly. There are some new features and we'll be able to use some newer vB plug ins. If all goes as planned the forums will go down for a bit on Tuesday while we ... Read More »

OLED TV Update: Sony Debuts Pro 17" and 25" Monitors

The fits and starts with OLED have been frustrating for anyone looking beyond the limitations of today's plasma and LCD options. A promising technology that can purportedly overcome these obstacles, OLED has yet to gain any sort of foothold in the TV market, despite the demo units wowing the crowds ... Read More »

KLH - model 17's

hey! have a pair of 17's from my dad that I'm looking to sell - in pretty good condition, but the wood is a little faded (can probably be stained darker)... I looking for more information bout them so I know what's a good price! any help?Read More »

Klh 17????

Im being offered a pair of these for a very low price are they worth looking into? I read a restoration review and it looked quite simple to do! do they sound any good?Read More »

Week 17: 25 Greatest Live Records of All Time.

Well, one 8 more weeks to go after this, thankfully. It's been a bit tedious and not all that interesting, and more than a few have questioned the author's sanity. [B]9) The Bootleg Series, Volume 4: Bob Dylan, Live 1966 The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert--Bob Dylan:[/B] [I]One of the most popular b ... Read More »

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