Sony CDP-XE400 CD Player CD Players

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Fast and easy is what you'll experience with this Sony CD player. Why? Well, first you have a Jog Dial track search that speeds you to any song. And second, you can use "Peak Search" which finds the loudest section of the CD, so you can set the recording levels on your cassette deck or MiniDisc recorder correctly the first time. Sony packs in additional features like 24-track programming, timed fader, 3-mode music scan, and much more.??This CD Player accepts and plays both 5" CDs as well as 3" CDs. Music Scan feature helps to locate a particular spot within a track. Music Calendar indicates tracks programmed, played, and remaining. Jog Dial is a convenient control that rotates through tracks or through discs. Models with Custom File text entry also use the jog dial to rotate through the alphabet when storing disc, track, and Group File names. Peak Search quickly locates the loudest passages on a CD, making it easier to set proper recording levels on your cassette deck or MD recorder (when using stereo anal...

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