Sony CDP-CE525 CD Players

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Product Description

The Sony CDP-CE525 changer uses Sony's newest proprietary Hybrid Pulse digital-to-analog converter with an 8x oversampling digital filter on a single IC chip for shorter signal paths. Sony adds its Direct Digital Sync circuitry to minimize a digital phenomenon known as jitter that subtly muddies sound. Anti-resonant isolator feet reduce shelf vibrations than can subtly affect tracking. Sony endowed this changer with all popular features and then some. You can exchange four of the discs while one disc plays. Direct track and disc access, from the front panel or supplied remote control, make programming up to 32 tracks from any and all discs a cinch, aided by a 20-track music calendar on the blue fluorescent display. The display also shows CD text from CDs that include this feature. Sony also lets you program 255 titles into its custom file memory. There are six play and three repeat modes. Time, program, and multi-disc program edit help fit CD choices on specific lengths of tape when recording. Peak search ...

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