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Sony CDP-M400CS 400-Disc CD Changer / Player
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Description: You don't have to decide on only 1 CD -- choose up to 400. The CDP-M400CS comes with Advanced Mega Control technology, so you can listen to up to 400 additional discs when connected to a 2nd MegaStorage changer. Mega Control technology allows X-Fade and No-Delay play between changers. The infrared connection port provides you with quick and convenient connectivity. CD-R/RW with MP3 playback capability lets you tune into your favorite on-the-go tracks. The Custom File™ Disc Memo™ displays 20 characters and CD text display informs you of the featured artist. Ideal for organizational purposes, the artist file feature classifies discs according to the artist name. Select your preferred CD with ease using the Jog Dial™ control with Direct Access™ track selection. Complement additional A/V components with the silver metallic finish of the CDP-M400CS from Sony.


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