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Sony CDP-CX90ES 200-Disc CD Changer
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Description: Super convenient, super sounding. Now you can place your collection of 200 CDs in this one great player. Internal storage for 200 discs means you may never need to open another CD jewel box. ??400-disc master control enables you to daisy chain a second 200-CD changer and operate them as one! On-screen display of disc and track titles offers simply the easiest, most luxurious, most enjoyable way to select and play music! S-Link connector is provided for enriched disc and track title communication with a Sony Receiver. Keyboard input makes it easy to enter disc titles. Custom File Group File lets you designate 8 different types of music for classifying all 200 discs. The group names might be ROCK, CLASSICAL, KEVIN or DAD and a single disc can belong to more than one group. Custom File Disc Memo lets you assign a 13-character name to all 200 discs. Custom File Track Memo lets you assign a 13-character name to tracks on your discs, so you'll always know exactly what's available and what's playing. Custom File ...


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