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Sony CDP-CE535 5-Disc CD Changer
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Description: Make your CD listening a little easier, and make it last a little longer This 5-CD Changer is loaded with convenience features. All of them are combined to make it easier to load/listen to the CDs you want.??8x Oversampling Digital Filter circuit combines excellent phase linearity with superb suppression of aliasing noise. Hybrid Pulse D/A Converter is an advanced Compact Disc design that places the Digital-to-Analog Converter and digital filter on single integrated circuit. Digital Servo Control system maintains stable tracking, laser focus and disc rotation - all with higher precision and lower radiated noise. Play Exchange is a feature in 5-CD Changers, this lets you change four CDs, even while a fifth one plays. Time & Program Edit fits CD selections to a specified amount of time, makes recording from CD a snap. Custom File Memory (305 Discs) uses the unique ID number pressed into each CD title's subcode area. Custom File players can remember and display a name for each CD, along with specific instruct...


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