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Product Image
Sony CDP-CX57 51-Disc CD Changer
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Description: Super convenient, super sounding. Now you can place your collection of 50 CDs in this one great player. What's cool is that when you come across a new CD, you can slip it in the extra tray (hence the 50+1 title), and have a listen. You'll also discover how easy it is to find the music you want with the Jog Dial and "Block File" which organizes your CDs in 5 different areas for easy categorization.??MegaStorage 50+1 Disc CD Changer has internal storage/play capacity for 50 (plus one) CDs. Load it, push play, sit back, and enjoy! Use the full-function remote to select a track directly with the numeric keypad. Block File organizes the carousel of a Sony MegaStorage Changer into five or eight blocks of CDs, identified by letter codes A through H, for easier retrieval. Jog Dial is a convenient control that rotates through tracks or through discs. Play modes include Continuous 1/All, Shuffle 1/All, or Program for your custom-selected sequence. Repeat modes include Single Track or Single Disc for continuous music...


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