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Sony CDP-CX300
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Description: The CDP-CX300 is a 300-disc CD changer featuring a keyboard input for text entry and Sony's MegaStorage capability, allowing for remote access of up to 600 CDs with two linked systems. 8x oversampling Digital Filter Circuit combines excellent phase linearity with superb suppression of aliasing noise thus yielding better stereo imaging. Digital Servo Control System maintains stable tracking, laser focus and disc rotation - all with higher precision and lower radiated noise. Optical digital output offers pure, digital-to-digital connection to an MD Recorder or DAT Recorder. It enables dts encoded CDs to be played through an outboard decoder. Custom File Memory uses the unique ID number pressed into each CD title's subcode area. Custom File players can remember and display a name for each CD, along with specific instructions on how you prefer to play it. Disc Memo display lets you assign an alphanumeric name for up to 600 discs. Names are shown on the front panel - and on the LCD of Sony's 2-way remote contro...


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