Simaudio Nova CD Players

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Product Description

  • Programming mode
  • Scan mode
  • Random play mode
  • Display (time modes & on/off)
  • Open/Close CD Drawer
  • Time (elapsed or remaining for track or disc)
  • LED indicators
  • Configuration Single-ended
  • Digital Power Supply Transformer 25VA
  • Analog Power Supply Transformer 10VA

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Did anyone watch Terra Nova

I figured I'd give the pilot a chance. I guess after Lost, every show like this will pale in comparison. But, it wasn't half bad. Obviously lots of questions to be answered because it's hard to get a grip on what is going on and the back story leading up to it. Anyone else give it a whirl? What d ... Read More »

Peachtree Nova

As a noob, the Nova seems like a sensible first step into the world of hi-fi. I like the multiple digital and analog possibilities. The DAC will enable me to use my IMac as a source, and at 80 wpc, the integrated amp will be adequate to drive most of the speakers that I'm looking at. Seems that i ... Read More »

Help, my brand new Peachtree Nova died

Just bought a Peachtree Nova and some new Monster cables (15' M series) to replace my aged Marantz SR5000 in our new apartment. Speakers are Mordaunt-Short MS902 (4-8 ohms), 10 years old. I connected everything together, ran the system for a day and everything sounded great. The next day I tur ... Read More »

speaker advice - Salk SongTower / Peachtree Nova

Hello, It's been a long time since I did research and invested in my stereo system but the death of my nearly 25 year old HK PM665 (int. amp) prompted this new journey. After a good bit of research (and an increase in my initial budget!), I've settled on the Peachtree Nova integrated amp, alon ... Read More »

Realistic Nova 5's

Looking for vinyl at the GW and picked this up for $10. They just looked interesting and thought what the heck.... Anyone know em???Read More »


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