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Product Image
Sherwood CD980T
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  300.00
Description: Sherwood's Newcastle brand name denotes a level of built quality, or at least expense, over and above Sherwood's typical units. The CD-980T features a Burr-Brown Colinear 20-bit PCM-1702-K dual DAC, for audio reproduction that should well surpass the 1-bit converters in most standard players. Of course, your ears make the final decision. In case you decide to skip the converters in favor of an outboard solution (or you just want to digitally record), Sherwood provides both types of digital output for maximum flexibility.For easy recording, this unit comes equipped with tape edit/size so you can judge and adjust how much space you have left on a tape. Pitch control lets you adjust the quality of your music as you flip between Bach and Captain Beefheart, while a music calendar with 19 selections lets you program and access all your favorite tracks. With delete play you can program which tracks not to play.One nice bonus is the ability to dim the fluorescent display. If you want to go all Sherwood, the 980T's Digi-Link III Integrated Control System is compatible with so-equipped Newcastle receivers. CD synchro record is also included for use with Sherwood cassette decks


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