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CD Player saying 'no disc" after cleaning laser.

I've just bought a Rotel CD-991 and it frequently skipped (or at least lost sound for a moment) during playback. It did it at some point with almost every disc I tried although all discs played perfectly for 99+% of the time. Replaying a track after a skip would not produce a skip at the original sk ... Read More »

CD player recommendation

Hi fellows I'm currently using my old marantz CD5001 with rotel ra-1062 amp and paradigm reference studio 20 speakers. I'm looking to obviously upgrade the player since I feel this is the main weak link in the system. I'm thinking the following models. 1) marantz CD6005 2) Cambridge audio azur ... Read More »

Teeth on Arcam Diva CD players

I have an Arcam Alpha 6 CD player, and the teeth on the wheel that loads the tray has broken off. It will probably be almost as expensive to repair it as buying another player (used). I've been looking at another Arcam CD player but from their Diva series. Does anybody know if the Diva series also h ... Read More »

The TEAC CD-H750 cd player looks mighty fine to me?

I'm intrigued with the new TEAC CD-H750 cd player. I like its compact size, machined aluminum front and side plates, BurrBrown PCM1791A dac, iphone/ipod compatibility to pull a digital signal from them and use internal dac to decode, and ability to record to usb memory. [url= ... Read More »

Is Yamaha CD S700 important with A S700?

Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum as of this very moment. I have sound system consisting of a Yamaha a S700 amp, A Marantz 6003 cd player and B&W 685 speakers. Will replacing the Marantz cd with a Yamaha cd S700 to match the amp (with its direct connection to this cd player) make a worthwhile ... Read More »


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