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CD player says "NO DISC"

When I load a CD into my player is says 'NO DISC'. Is this more likely to be the laser (which I can see doing its normal flash of light when the disc loads) or might it be the circuit board that drives the transport?Read More »

Teac- CD-RW890 /CD recorder

My Alesis CD recorder died last year and I have been wanting to get a replacement for it and the TEAC is it. Ordered from Needle Doctor and they were sold out so Teac filled the order and drop shipped it to me. Inputs are Toslink and one pair of analog in. Output is one pair of analog out only. The ... Read More »

CD player pauses spontaneously.

I have a Panasonic RP 91 CD/DVD player that I use only as a CD player. It sounds excellent. It will suddenly pause while playing a CD, wait about 15 seconds, and then resume playing in the correct place. This happens very randomly and does not seem to be disc specific nor at a particular place on ... Read More »

CD transport stalls

What is the most probable cause of a CD transport stalling while playing a CD? It will start playing again if one skips to the previous or next track. But if you play the same track again, it will stall in the same place. Could something be physically disturbing the laser at a specific place alon ... Read More »

Panasonic RP 91 CD/DVD Player

Does anyone know of a way to cause the "Audio Only" option on the front panel of a Panasonic RP 91 CD/DVD player (circa 2001) to remain the default when the player is turned off? The manual says "NO" and offers no alternative in spite of a long list of setup options.Read More »



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