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Product Image
Pioneer PD-F27 301-Disc CD Changer
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  500.00
Description: This is the CD Juke Box to end all. With an unbelievable 301-disc capacity, it can handle your entire CD library. With so many discs come some unique needs. To ensure timely operation, an Auto Disc Recognition System searches all 300 CD slots, then remembers which slots contain CDs, thus never trying to grab a disc from an empty slot. Thanks to Hi-bit Legato Link Conversion with 24-bit D/A Converters your CDs will always be played back with crisp, accurate resolution, as the signal is managed with the finest precision from the moment it's read to the instant it's output. To make managing this library of CDs efficient, you can use your computer keyboard to input titles for each disc, or if the disc is CD TEXT encoded, the player will automatically do it for you. To further spare you the programming, this system can play back your 50 favorite tracks with just the press of a button, with best Selection Memory. You can even connect two players together for the ultimate control of 600 CDs.


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