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Product Image
Philips CDR770 CD Recorder
0 Reviews
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MSRP  265.00
Description: Philips introduces the CDR770 Audio CD Recorder, a low-cost high performance CD-Recorder offering most of the features of a 'Reference' recorder even including a sample rate converter, which enables digital recording from a range of digital sources.??The CDR770 is a dedicated high quality stand-alone digital audio recorder that lets you produce your own CDs - and its as easy to use as a cassette recorder. This digital recorder is non-PC dependent, so your computer is free to perform other tasks. The CDR770 is a superb new version of the ground-breaking CDR760. This stand-alone digital audio recorder can also utilize CD-RW technology, enabling the user to re-record over previously recorded material. Recordings can be made from both analogue and digital (i.e. CD, DAT, DCC, digital radio) sources, with the CDR770 utilizing both CD-R and CD-RW (ReWritable) technologies.


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