Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD Players

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Product Description

  • 24 Bit resolution
  • True up-sampling to 96kHz
  • Same DAC, transport mechanism
  • Filter assembly and control electronics
  • Extremely low jitter

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Has anyone used Musical Fidelity's A3.2 Integrated Amp?

I am looking into buying a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated amp. It will be driving a pair of Monitor Audio S6. My room is 11x14 and the system will be used primarily for 2 channel stereo. Any suggestions?Read More »

musical fidelity A3.2 or Krell 400ix integrated amp

Which on do you recommend for this setup: - speakers - Castle Acoustics Harlech S2 - CD Player- RCD 1070 - Speaker wire: Monster M2.4 biwire - interconnect: Monster M1000i RCA I currently have a NAD C370 integrated amp that I'm looking to replace. TIA HectorRead More »


BLG CP024:

60.0 WA BLACK: