MBL CDP 2 CD Players

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  • Vibration-free drive
  • Anti-resonance base
  • High-tech absorbers

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Analogger into Sony cdp 520 es 2 player

I'm an lp guy, but I dabble in cds. I saw a Sony CDP 520 ES2 at a thrift store for $25. It lights up ,but the drawer won't open. It is heavy, and I know es means big $. It is old ,but will the quality be better than todays new cheaper stuff? Is this still a good or great cd player, or a dinosaur? I ... Read More »

Review of Modded MusicHall 25.2 CDP

I just received my Music Hall CD25.2 CDP back from Doug Jesse at Reference Audio Mods a few days ago and thought I would do a review. I modded the CDP because although it had a very detailed, transparent and live sound to the music, it tended to have a fatiguing almost harsh sound with some electro ... Read More »

Music Hall CD25.2 CDP Mods

Well after listening to my new MH CD25.2 player for the past month, I have found it to be fatiguing with too much electronic glare so I sent it in to Reference Audio Mods to have a new Super Clock 4 installed along with high end capacitors, diodes and opamps along with some power supply mods for $75 ... Read More »

Best 2-Channel Integrated Amp/CDP for $2K?

I am about to invest in my first 2-channel hi fi system. Well, my first in about 25 years and at that time it was very inexpensive. I have a budget of about $3500-4000. Planning around $2K for the speakers. After that I need a CD player and amplification. Seriously considering Thiel CS1.6 speak ... Read More »


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