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Product Image
Harman Kardon HD 990
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  599.99
Description: To build a CD player without equal, there are no shortcuts, no compromises, no easy answers. Optimized for precision playback above all, the HD 990 employs two high-performance stereo digital-to-analog converters to deliver third-generation Real-time Linear Smoothing (RLS III), creating a spacious, richly detailed sound that other players simply cannot duplicate. Uncompromising quality combined with audiophile engineering let the Harman Kardon HD 990 single disc CD player give near-perfect reproduction for your favorite discs. Third generation Real-Time Linear Smoothing, optimized component placement, and a 24-bit/384kHz SRC keep your signal pure, leading to sound that will please any discerning listener. HRS link technology keeps your player synced with your amp, and dual digital outputs make sure youve always got the right connection. Compact Disc Player plays audio CDs, CD-Rs & CD-RWs, and MP3 CDs,stereo RCA and balanced XLR line-level outputs


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