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Tannoy Fusion 1
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Description: <li>PERFORMANCE <li>Recommended amplifier power 10 -70 Watts RMS <li>Continuous power handling 50 Watts RMS <li>Peak output power 100 Watts <li>Low frequency response 55Hz <li>Sensitivity (2.83 volts@1m) 87dB <li>Nominal impedance 8ohms <li>Frequency response 55Hz - 20kHz <li>DRIVE UNITS <li>High frequency 25mm(1") Nitro-Urethane layer damped woven polyester dome, shielded neodymium magnet assembly <li>Low frequency 130mm (5") coated multi-fibre paper pulp cone <li>CROSSOVER <li>Frequency 2.9kHz <li>Type 4th order acoustic linkwitz-riley <li>CONSTRUCTION <li>Enclosure type Front reflex. 15mm (5/8) particle board, internally cross-braced enclosure. <li>Shielding Yes <li>Volume 6.6 litres (0.24 cubic feet) <li>Weight 4.0kg (8.8lbs) <li>Finish Apple or Dark Oak


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