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Product Image
CSI/Speco SP-5400 Center Speaker
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Description: Our center channel speaker belongs to our Dream Series architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speaker product line. The SP-5400 can also be utilized in front/rear applications. This model demonstrates a 5 1/4 dual fiberglass woofer and NBR rubber surround with a 75 Watt RMS, a 1" titanium swivel dome tweeter, 8 oz. magnets, and a frequency range of 64 to 20,000 Hz. The speakers have a second-order crossover network that crosses at 6000 Hz. A fine micro-mesh grille adds to the aesthetic appeal. Other CSI-Speco Dream Series products include SP-850C, SP-650C, SPW-6000, SPW-8000, SPW-1000.


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