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Product Image
TEAC PD D2681 5 CD changer
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Description: - Disc change during playback (substitute up to 4 discs).<br>- Precision front-loading drawer design.<br>- 16-Bit, 8-times oversampling digital filter.<br>- 16-Bit, dual D/A conversion system.<br>- High-resolution, 3-beam laser pickup.<br>- 32-Tracks random memory multi-disc playback programming.<br>- Direct disc select keys.<br>- Shuffle play.<br>- Intro check play.<br>- Disc skip.<br>- Multi-function fluorescent display.<br>- Music calendar.<br>- Headphone jack with level control.<br>- 4-Way repeat function (one track/one disc;all tracks/discs; and all programmed tracks).<br>- TEAC UR (Unified Remote) remote control.


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