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Product Image
Kenwood CD4700M
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  399.00
Description: Kenwood's CD-4700M is a fairly high-end 200-disc CD mega-changer that sports a cool silver finish. It's loaded with all the performance and convenience features most users will ever need or want. Most notably, this model has something called Net Link, a proprietary feature that allows connection to the Internet for the retrieval of enhanced information about your CDs. The data is then presented on the front panel's 15-character dot matrix display. Other amenities include CD Text compatibility. Insert a specially encoded CD and you'll get info on the album title, artists, track titles, etc. Direct Disc Access makes finding one disc among 200 a lot easier. Initiate an alphabetical search from either the remote control or the front panel. What's more, the filing system lets you organize your collection into 27 categories. Other, more common features include Play Exchange (swap up to 199 CDs while one plays uninterrupted), 32-track programmable memory, random play modes (one disc, all discs, music type) and repeat play modes. The CD-4700M is one-touch CD recording (CCRS) compatible; if you have an appropriately equipped cassette deck, you can set the optimum recording level and begin recording with the touch of a single button. On the connectivity front, the CD-4700M packs a Toslink optical digital output and an analog line (RCA) output. Some other units on the market also have a coaxial digital output. This jukebox supports Kenwood's SL-16 format for system integration with properly equipped Kenwood A/V receivers. -- NW


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