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Product Image
Denon DN C630
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Description: - Instant start; less than 0.01 sec.<br>- Auto cue to music.<br>- Plays CDR with or without TOC.<br>- Rotary track selector knob.<br>- 25 track program play and store up to 3 discs in non-volatile memory.<br>- A-B repeat.<br>- Single/continuous repeat play.<br>- End of track alert (EOM).<br>- End monitor; previews the end of a track.<br>- Next track reserve.<br>- Pitch control w/slider 9%.<br>- Pitch lock; locks the pitch once set.<br>- Time elapse/remain segment bar and numeric display.<br>- Index search.<br>- 75 frames per sec. for precise cueing.<br>- Headphone jack w/volume control.<br>- Auto play at power up.<br>- Sleep function; prolongs the life of internal parts.<br>- Stereo or mono output.<br>- RCA output.<br>- Balanced XLR outputs (adjustable).<br>- Coaxial digital output (SPDIF).<br>- 25 adjustable presets.<br>- Parallel remote port; 25 pin D-sub.<br>- Optional wired remote RC-680.<br>- Optional AMC-22 lens cleaner.<br>- 2U rack spaces.


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