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Product Image
Koss CDP1689GCP Personal CD Player
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Description: The Koss CDP-1689GCP is a personal CD player which plays audio CDs, plus CD-R discs. The key feature to the CDP-1689CP is the included car kit. This kit comes with a cassette adaptor and a cigarette lighter DC adaptor, the two necessary accessories to make any personal CD player vehicle-ready. The forty-second anti-shock system is a huge plus when using the player either in the car or at the running/walking track. In fact, this sort of anti-shock system is good for any user who may encounter surprise jolts and vibrations while commuting, sitting in a coffee shop or studying in bed. The CDP-1689GCP runs via the DC adaptor, the AC adaptor, or batteries. To help save battery life, Koss allows you to turn off the anti-skip system when you do not expect rough handling. With four play modes (normal, repeat, shuffle and twenty-four track program) there are many options to enjoy the CD listening experience. Other notable features include: hold, resume, hyper-bass sound and a one-bit D/A converter.


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