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Product Image
KLH DM45CK Personal CD Player
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Description: Panasonic offers this Personal CD Player with Car Kit that will deliver an outstanding quality sound whenever you go. Digital Antishock Memory buffers 45 seconds of data in the unit's memory. If the unit is inadvertently bumped, dropped, or jiggled while in use, the system uses the information stored in its memory to keep the music going, uninterrupted. Car Connection Kit comes complete with a car cassette adapter, which takes the output from the CD player and allows you to listen through the cassette player in your car. It also includes a car (DC) power adapter, for plugging your personal CD player into the power outlet or cigarette lighter adapter in your car. Comfortable and great sounding, the supplied quality stereo headphones will make your music come alive. CD Player accepts and plays both 5" CDs as well as 3" CDs. Bass Boost enhances the low frequencies of any music selection, deepening the bass response and enhancing listening enjoyment. 22 Track Programmable Memory allows for custom playback of o...


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