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Product Image
Jeep JX-CDSR Personal CD Player
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Description: This compact electronic device combines a fog-resistant shaving mirror with a fully functional programmable CD player, AM/FM radio, and a clock, so you can listen to your favorite music, or catch the traffic report and weather as you shower and shave, all while monitoring your time. The music center can be hung from its rope (included) on a hook, or placed on a sink with its built-in stand. Its splash-resistant mylar speakers provide clear sound over the rush of water for a full 60 hours of radio play on six C batteries. The analog quartz-movement clock is always easy to read through steam or condensation, unlike common digital readouts that can appear faded or distorted in humid conditions. A small lithium battery is included to power the clock, and the music center can be used with headphones or plugged into AC with an adapter (neither included; AC not for shower use).


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