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Product Image
GPX C3980RS Personal CD Player
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Description: GPX exclusively offers one of the most comprehensive consumer audio and video electronic product portfolios imaginable. The company offers a GPX line-up that includes portable music systems, personal CD players, DVD systems, stereo and speaker systems, televisions, family radio service (FRS) communicators, AM/FM radios and the world's most comprehensive line of Karaoke entertainment systems. GPX is proud to supply the world with over 8 million units every year. GPX has built a solid reputation with excellent product quality, reliability and value pricing. GPX' success is based on the principal of exceeding expectations by offering the latest in technology, features, and fashionable designs that make customers feel good about their selection. Each member of the GPX team is focused on customer satisfaction and service. You will be pleased with your next GPX purchase - the company guarantees it!


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