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Product Image
Fisher PCD2450C Personal CD Player
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Description: Beach City, California-Beachwear fashion experts from around the world have been meeting this week in this coastal resort on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. They have come together to check out the latest beach attire for the upcoming season. In somewhat of a surprise, their choice as the hottest, must-have, get-it-or-be-forgotten beachwear piece was not a famous-designer swimsuit, but the Fisher PCD-2450C personal CD player. They reasoned that you can wear anything to the beach and fit in, but only this Fisher unit-which can be enjoyed by either gender-makes a bold statement that the wearer appreciates the finest. They marveled at its Opti-Trac 3D 40-second antiskip system, that even an errant volleyball couldn't derail. They thought its built-in AM/FM-stereo digital tuner, stereo speakers, AC adapter, and car kit added extra dimensions that lent perfectly to apres beach activities. Actually, their choice shouldn't be surprising.


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