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Product Image
Coby CX-CD444 Personal CD Player
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Description: Coby Electronics Corporation is a prime manufacturer of quality consumer electronics that are designed to provide years of outstanding performance and sound reproduction. Unlike many other consumer electronics companies, Coby possesses an in-house art and design department and an in-house research and development department. These departments have been responsible for creating award winning packaging designs and exclusive and patented products. The Coby CX-CD444 is a slim compact design 10 second Anti-Skip Memory RADIO/CD Player with 20 Track Programmable Memory and 18 station presets. It features 1-bit D/A Digital Converter, full LCD display, Skip, Search, Play / Pause, Intro, Random, Repeat (Repeat 1, Repeat All) buttons and Digital Bass Boost Sound System. It provides up to 9 hours of playback with 2 "AA" size batteries. The battery recharge capability with Low Battery Indicator and Automatic Power Off makes the power control and recharging process easier. The Blister Packaging accessories included are...


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