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Product Image
Aiwa XP-V713 Personal CD Player
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Description: The XP-V713 features incredible sound performance with up to 30 hours of playback on 2 AA alkaline batteries. 48 Second EASS (Electronic Anti Shock System) acts as a buffer to assure smooth playback in the most jarring of circumstances. This CD player delivers multiple play modes including programmability of up to 24 tracks, wired remote control connected to Aiwa stereo headphones, illuminated LCD screen, heat-resistant body and 3-Point battery life indicator. AIWA's DSL (Dynamic Super Linear) circuitry is a sophisticated electronic equalizer that automatically compensates for bass roll-off, thereby extending the speaker's low-frequency response. The amount of compensation is varied according to signal level to prevent distortion and provide deep, natural-sounding bass at all listening levels. This player is CD-R/RW Playable and features a volume control.


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