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Aural Vision HDMI cable defines the cutting edge of digital video performance. When using source material such as Blu Ray 720p 1080i, 1080p24 Aural Vision HDMI is engineered to produce a clearer, sharper 3D image when viewed with high performance projectors and flat panel displays. 120hz capable display devices with Blu Ray as a source produces truly stunning, state of the art 3D performance.

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3D Vision Computer System

Has anyone put together a 3D Vision capable computer system? I'm researching the purchase of a system. I have the ability to build a system myself, but would appreciate input from those who have a capable systems and can provide feedback for any "gotchas" they've encountered. I'm most concerned w ... Read More »

OT: Night Vision

Buy Troy's book [URL=""][/URL] :thumbsup:Read More »

My book NIGHT VISION is shipping!

I virtually never post in the main forum here, spending my time in Rave Recs, but I wanted to mention this to as many people here as possible. My new night photography book [B][I]Night Vision[/I][/B] is shipping! It's a mass-market project and will be in stock at hundreds of brick and mortar Barne ... Read More »

Night Vision - the book

I have one of Troy's photo's as my computer background. One of the guys that I work with commented on it. After a brief explanation of the photo and what Troy does, he expressed interest in seeing more. As I searched for Troy's website ( no longer works) I discovered that Troy has ... Read More »

Remastered Bond Movies: Excellent Sound&Vision.

As most of you know, last November MGM re-release entire James Bond movies in 4 box DVD sets with new remasterd picture (frame by frame digital restoration) and sound (DTS 5.1). And movies were only available in box set for $59 each. But MGM recently has began to offer individual remasterd movies ... Read More »


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