XLO Ultra 12 Speaker Cables

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Product Description

• Designed for “shotgun”or “internal” Bi-Wire applications
• Proprietary random Litz-variant winding geometry
• 4-Conductor, 8 AWG (overall-gauge), 4N (99.994% pure) OFHC conductors
• DuPont® Teflon® dielectric insulation used throughout
• Terminated with XLO’s direct gold-plated 8.0 mm (5/16”) copper spades

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emotiva ultra 12 & 10 closed out sale

I got this email from Emotiva today... "Mr P, see if you can take it lower with one more at these Prices:smilewinkgrin: WOW [url]http://emotiva.com/ultra_sub10.shtm[/url] [url]http://emotiva.com/ultra_sub12.shtm[/url]Read More »

Emotiva Ultra 12, 1st impressions

The Ultra 12's look great and everything about them seems to be quality. The grill is one of the most substantial I've seen on any sub, the frame is thick and heavy. You get a set of both rubber feet AND spikes. I used the rubber feet that screw in. They are cone shape with point down. You don' ... Read More »

Read More »

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