Tributaries SA 1.3 S-Video Compensator Speaker Cables

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Product Description

· Two versions – SA 1.3-4 and SA 1.3-7
· SA 1.3-4 features one S-video input and two amplified S-video outputs. Upgradeable to SA 1.3-7
· SA 1.3-7 features one S-video input, two amplified S-video outputs, two composite outputs, and one fixed S-video output for connection to additional S-video amplifiers
· Provides adjustable electronic compensation to maintain picture quality of S-video signals transmitted over any length of S-video cable up to 1000ft
· Output adjustments for luminance and chrominance for a consistent video presentation within the system
· Luminance – the black and white portion of the S-video signal
· Chrominance – the color portion of the S-video signal
· Two output adjustments to compensate for losses due to cable length

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