Sonic Horizon Hurricane Speaker Cables

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True Shotgun Design HSO-EGC Conductors MSC Technology Teflon/Air Dielectric Propreitary Stat-Core Technology High Quality WBT Locking Banana Plugs PET Jacket

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Hurricane Ike =====> Houston?

Latest storm track has it hitting the Texas Gulf Coast just west of Houston. It could be back to a category 4 by the time it reaches landfall. Where's JSE? [SIZE=5]Hey Cartman, [/SIZE][SIZE=2]if you get orders to evacuate, shoot me a PM and I'll give ya directions to my house. I-35 will be one w ... Read More »

Hurricane Dennis/ Dean ?

Hi Dean, ( and all others affected ) Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Did you make it through the storm ok?Read More »


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