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Wire Construction/Specifications:
  • Flexible design
  • 2 mil. spec'd "individual" conductors (multi-strand), twisted pair
  • 12 AWG conductors of extremely high purity silver plated copper
  • Extruded FEP (Teflon) outer jacket dielectric
  • Extremely low inductance and capacitance design
  • Manufactured in a state of the art, multi million dollar facility in United States, under strict ISO9001 and military MIL-1-45208 specifications
  • Finished with a premium Techflex sleeve, for luxurious look and feel
  • Techflex is extremely flexible, has high strength, and resistance to abrasion
Connector Specifications:
  • Bananas (machined) silver plated, high purity copper
  • Spades (7mm, or 9mm) rhodium plated, high purity copper

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Importance of Speaker Cables?

I have only ever used heavier gauge speaker wire like what you'd get maybe in Radio Shack. Is there really a difference in audible sound quality by using some of these cables I see that cost much more money? I'm looking at getting some new speakers and was wondering about these expensive speaker c ... Read More »

Rediscovering AlphaCore MI1 speaker cables

When I was using the Onkyo A-9555 class D integrated amp I lost interest in the MI1 cables. The low inductance of the cables somehow rolled off the highs so you had strong bass, detailed mids and missing highs. Recently Flo was posting about them and I had never used them with the Krell. I dug th ... Read More »

Changing Speaker Cables

I am thinking of changing all the speaker cables in the house. The existing cables are mostly generic 12 ga stranded cable purchased from Best Buy, Radio Shack and Amazon. Some of the cables are over ten years old. I am wondering if the age of the cable have any affect on cables' performance. I pla ... Read More »

New MIT Speaker Cables Arrived

On Friday my new MIT AVT1 speaker cables arrived. These are some serious cables. You don't just drop these behind your gear and not worry about where they land. These really call for being placed carefully behind your cabinet. They say to give them what is called the 2/2 burn in. In two days they'll ... Read More »

Help with Speaker Cables [or adapters] for JL Audio Fathom subs?

I have Tara Labs speaker cables [banana to banana]; I was hoping to go into dual JL Audio F110 subs but the subs only have inputs for ¼” TRS, RCA, and XLR. Is there an adapter that will convert a banana plug into a male TRS, RCA, or XLR? If not, what speaker cables should I be looking for? I'm ... Read More »

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