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Dear Fellas, as I'm sure some of you have paypal accounts, I thought this would be the place to ask. I got an account recently along with an ebay account, and sold something. I received payment, which means I have a postive paypal account. However, the money's been sitting there and there has not ... Read More »

Player for PAL/European DVDs

Hi folks, I'm a newbie here trying to find out some useful info before I emigrate from England to Canada. I have quite a collection of European Region 2/PAL format DVDs. Whilst it is quite easy to but PAL/NTSC players over here in the UK as some of us buy discs direct from the US, the same does not ... Read More »

Universal player, PAL->NTSC, code free ... what else?

Okay, my short list: Oppo 981 Oppo 970 Helios H4000 modded Denon or Pioneer, E.G., [url=]DV-47Ai[/url] anything else I should be looking at? It needs to play them all, I'm turd...that's, [i]tired[/i] of havin ... Read More »

Huh I Converted PAL DVD to NTSC DVD on my computer easily

Maybe someone can explain what doesn't seem to be explained- at least not on another board where I got total gobblygook. My Harmon Kardon 31 DVD player plays NTSC DVD's only. As I also have a multi system player, I ordered a PAL Box set of DVDs from a 70's UK TV series that's not available here & I ... Read More »

Utorrents Anyone Familar With A PAL/NTSC Question

There's a neat free web site [url][/url] that has very high quality torrents to download of the latest TV shows like 10 minutes after they're shown, most commercial free, which is real handy if you forgot to watch or record something on your DVR. You need Torrent files to download th ... Read More »



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