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What cable connectors work with Energy Take 5 Classic speakers?

I followed the advice given in another thread in this forum to go with Blue Jeans Cable to obtain all of the HDMI and speaker cables I would need for my new HTS. Unfortunately, the holes inside the terminals for the Take 5 Classic speakers are too small to insert locking banana plugs into them. ... Read More »

Gold-plated banana connectors - are they worth it?

I'm installing a whole-house audio system, so I have a lot of speakers that I need to connect up. The speakers (JBl SP6CSII, about $100/pair) are good, but not pro-grade or anything. I'm not really an audiophile either. I'm connecting all the speakers using 16-gauge wire, as recommended by JBL. N ... Read More »

RG-6 & F Connectors question.....

I'm helping my dad re-wire the entire house + addition with new RG-6. I have no idea what's in there now, RG-59 at best. I purchased bulk Canare RG-6, can't recall the exact cable number. My questio is what are the best brand/type of F cnnectors to use. I'm familiar with the old crimp, screw on ... Read More »

MIT has bad connectors

I have a set of MITerminator 4 speaker cables that I've had for over 5 years. A couple weeks ago I turn on my stereo and the left side is dead. So I jiggle the left cable and the connection is in and out. My friend who has their previous generation MIT 4's (thinner/longer boxes on the cables) had th ... Read More »

HELP for: speaker pins, plugs, rca connectors

I am trying to decide how to upgrade some of the cables I have in my system, and need some recommendations. I am a complete novice when it comes to cables and connectors. Without breaking the bank, what kind of rca connectors for my CD players and receivers? Do I have any other options besides the ... Read More »


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