DiMarzio Interconnects Speaker Cables

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DiMarzio Interconnects. Available in 1.5ft, 1m, 4.5ft, and 2m lengths.

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DIY Interconnects

Last night I was fooling around and I noticed that when I turned the volume all the way up on my Yaqin 13S I could hear humming through the speakers. I traced the problem to the interconnects. When they were removed, no humming whatsoever. So after a little research I decided to build some shielde ... Read More »

Interconnects for Christmas

My brother decided a few weeks ago to try his hand at making his own interconnect cables. He is very skilled with his hands and very detailed oriented when it comes to projects like this so when he asked if I was interested in a pair I jumped on the offer. I am attaching a pic of some of them and ... Read More »

white zombie interconnects

Hey there guys, Is anybody familiar with white zombie interconnect cables? I needed some new cables and did some research and decided to give the el chupacabra's from white zombie a try. I connected these up to a Nakamichi separates system and a vintage Sansui system. I ... Read More »

New Preamp or Long Cables/Interconnects?

I have been thinking about getting a Preamp for remote volume control of my system... My setup is in my signature below... I have the basic DAC1 (no remote), and have been either using it in combination with the digital volume control on my Squeezebox (in the range of 70 - 100) or set the squeeze ... Read More »

Sony PS-X45 Integrated Interconnects Change

I had a nice story written all written out about what I did this afternoon, but I started to get bored with it while writing it so I figure everyone else would as well. So, I do what I do best, get to the point. I got that Sony PS-X45 TT you see. It comes with RCA interconnect cables integrated ... Read More »


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