Acoustic Zen Absolute Speaker Cables

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The Absolute speaker cable is made with 6 awg 6N zero crystal silver wire assembled in a hybrid configuration with 6N zero crystal copper. This hybrid design results in a dramatic reduction of the cable's energy storage which in turn greatly improves high current signal flow interactions.

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Absolute PROOF than vinyl sounds better than CD

Yes this man did a test and has finally proven without any doubt that Vinyl sounds better than CD :eek6: [url=]vinyl or cd which sounds better??? - YouTube[/url]Read More »

Integrated Amp and Absolute Sound

I have been reading the recent Absolute Sound magazine and they did a review of two integrated maps. The Goldenote from Italy caught my interest as did the new Krell int. amp. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Goldenote? I have been looking at many integrated amps and I am trying to narr ... Read More »

The Absolute Sound

Rather than post this under my "Dirty Little Secrets" thread, which is now a "Melvin Walker Against the Free World" thread, I thought I'd start a new one. I have a particular dislike for The Absolute Sound (TAS) due to a particularly unpleasant experience with them in 1993 while working as the VP ... Read More »

HIGH-DEF Disc Absolute Sales Figures.

The new Nielsen survey of next-gen DVD sales report on absolute sales of High Def discs is rather interesting and somewhat sobering. The report compiled from Nielsen VideoScan show that as of March 18, the cumulative number of Blu-ray titles sold since the format's inception at 844,000 units, versus ... Read More »

Absolute Awesome CD: Best of John Denver

What an amazing surprise this has been!!! I always have had a deal of respect for JDs work although I never bought anything but the quality of this 1996 release of rerecordings of his classics has such amazing production value. I was looking just for something that I hadn't heard 10000 times to tes ... Read More »

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